Saturday, 21 June 2008

Summer Solstice Night

What? No pagan ritualistic ceremony celebrating the longest day of the year event?

We met a new peer volunteer tonight and her name is Brittany. She goes to the same school as Joan and is in Grade 11. See Kyle...they need to replace you with not one, but two peer volunteers.

In the house we have Aldo, Jeffrey, Julian, Vanessa, Emily.
I have known Julian for a while. He has been in Children's for the last couple of days and is in the house after being released from there. His mum and dad are with him and they watched the EUFA World Cup together on the Kid's Floor.

Some neat things happened tonight.
First off a great idea came from a conversation about chairs. Brittany suggested an event called "Pimp my Ride". I was complaining that few of the kids take their chairs and really do them up. Other than a few stickers they are very cool rides without the panache. What about lights? Sound systems? Most have hydraulics so they are already in the low riders category. I think that we can have a teen night for both boys and girls to do up their chairs. Get some sponsorship for the event and I see great things happening!

After dinner we went to the TV room to figure out what to do. Brittany had asked what we do on Friday nights because on Teusday it is Movie Night. Movie Night? There is a Tuesday Movie Night? WHat about Friday? I told her that we hang on Fridays. We figure out what the kids want to do and go from there.
Vanessa, being a nearly 15 year old wanted to escape the grounds, Jeffrey is pretty much keen to do anything, Aldo wants to play on the computer, and Emily is just hanging. How far can we go? Vanessa just wants to roll down any steep hil so she is thinking about getting to Granville and Broadway as a destination. A quick check with the nurses lets us take off, but we had to leave Aldo and Elisabeth at home; both are still having supper through their tummy tubes. Aldo, Tony, and Joan caught up with us a little later.
We made it all the way down to Strabucks where Vanessa bought a tea for herself and a hot chocolate for Jeffrey. Then we turned around and made our way back up the hill. Vanessa's chair is not a power chair so I got a bit of a workout going up Granville!

Back at the house we ended up in the school room playing a trivial pursuit Disney game: boys against girls. It was all going in favour of the boys until Aldo joined the dark side. His final answer won the game. I thought it was boys against girls?

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