Thursday, 22 May 2014

Brodie Bikes?

Dear Brodie Bikes,
Thank you for liking my expose on the Mixte Bike on the giveaway from Momentum Mag.
I have to be truthful...I am not a geek and not worthy of the Mixte.
In fact....I have been a non bike owner for many years. My last 'legitimately' owned bike is an old Craperotti. The last time I rode the too small road bike was down 4th Ave at at Sasamat in Vancouver where I collided with a silver car who turned left in front of me while I was travelling in the bike lane. That fine individual drove away while I was chasing him south on Sasamat....
The only Brodie bike I have had the pleasure to ride was a Brodie Enduro. I borrowed it from my very generous brotherNeil Chrystal of Polygon Homes - Greater Vancouver Real Estate. I was able to ride it down the street and back the evening before the Canuck Place Children's HospiceInnovative Fitness Adventure Challenge. A yearly fundraiser for Canuck PLace. I have raised north of $10 000 in my efforts. I am also the ONLY individual to have completed all 10 races (in seven years) for the event.

My brother's Enduro was stolen off my car as I was packing my car for the race. Read the story here:

As you may have seen I recovered my dignity on a bike purchased for $10 on the streets of Vancouver.
I rode that BRC Banzai for a number of years putting in perhaps 10 000 km (and 6 Adventure Challenges) until the components decided to retire. I have, since that sad day been slowly beating to death my wifes (too small) bike to commute.

I proudly stand here today begging for a bike sponsorship...not for one...but two beautiful Brodie bikes.

This year the Adventure Challenge has taken a different course. Innovative Fitness and Canuck Place are doing their own races. Innovative Fitness will have theirs on June 14 in Port Moody raising funds for the 60 Minutes Kids Club ( and Canuck Place will do their own race on September 7. I will, against my body's wishes, do both.

I can hear what you are saying..."why does this person need two bikes?"

Good question. I have an answer for that. I have created a foundation called Exercise is Therapy and this year I will be using the foundation to raise money for both Canuck Place AND 60 Minute Kids Club at a fantabulous kick-fanny fundraising event in August. I think the second bike would be a fantastic lure for those feeling frisky with their money....raffle or silent auction.

Music ( Abandon Paris , and, beer, art, at a local Vancouver venue and a whole lot of fun to be had.

Please...oh, please...consider making a connection with me.

I would be glad to hear what you would need in return (public flogging, wear a Brodie Tee shirt, post on my it! I am not afraid to do anything in public for a a gift in good faith!

Yours in Bikes,

Malcolm Chrystal

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

FTS Revisited

Don't ask me why...but I still get a kick out of this post.

Riding over the Alex Fraser Bridge last night (in the cold) reminded me of it....

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Eve before Canuck Place Cultus Lake Adventure Challenge and Eve of the Eve before Canuck Place Vancouver Adventure Challenge

I believe (although my beliefs are fleeting) I am ready, or at least I believe I am no longer facing the the symptoms of Strep Throat anymore!  A week of antibiotics and zero exercise and zero appetite has kind of turned a corner today:  I have eaten a weeks worth of food this morning.

Who am I kidding?  I am never ready for these things.

I have reached over $1000 this year but I am feeling shamefaced because I enter BOTH races which means I should be raising $2000.  Any takers on putting me over the top?

Go here:

I am proud of the fact that I have raised somewhere north of $10 000 over the last 8 years doing the Adventure Challenge, but I always wish I could raise more.  Next year!

My goal?  To maintain the longest participation streak in the Adventure Challenge ever and to keep raising money for the house.  It is just a good place to be able to do that for!

Good Luck to all Challengers and get your hand up for a High 5 on the running trail:

Friday, 9 August 2013

Kits Beach Run: HighFivapalooza

I am challenging ANYBODY to come on a run with me at Kits Beach as long as you promise to HIGH FIVE (or at least offer to) everyone we pass.
First week of September.
Deets to follow.

ps...if you bring $5 I will make sure it goes to Canuck Place Children's Hospice....

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Running in Kits is Different...

If you have seen me at work on the trails of the Innovative Fitness / Canuck Place Adventure Challenge

 you might understand where I am coming from:  running in Kits is a lonely adventure!

Today when I ran from Kits Pool, over the rocks at Kits Point, over the Burrard Street Bridge I tried to engage with all of the other runners I passed by with a smile...or at least an act of acknowledgement....I met with maybe one half of an eye glance!! I was considering to start trying to High Five everyone I passed...but opted out. I am thinking...who wants to join me for a (somewhat invasive) Kits Beach/Burrard Street Bridge HighFivaRunnaPalooza?  Just to engage with people doing what we are doing and to let them know about the races we are about to engage in.

First week of September.  Support Canuck Place and 60Minute Kids Club.  Details to follow?


Looking for a Bike!

I seem to do this every year.  Whether it's because I seem to always be too broke to buy a new bike, too Scottish to part with the money, or too guilty for buying new things (like a bike).

I like deals.  The best bike I ever bought cost me $10 the day of an Adventure Challenge and $90 throughout the 6 years I rode it.  The story is here:

Here is my new angle to getting a skookum bike:

A bike offer you can't refuse - $1000 (North Delta)

I know you have it hiding in your basement.

The mountain bike built for a person 6 feet tall. Light, disk brakes, top of the line components.
Maybe you bought this bike with aspirations of riding but this never panned out. The brand new bike that you spent $2000 on has been relegated to storage with no hope of parole.

Let me help. I want your bike. I want to free it from its condemned status; to feel the mud beneath its rubber and sand in its brakes.

Here is the deal: I will offer you $1000 for an unused bike of high pedigree and exceptional quality. $500 will be directed to you and the other $500 will be directed to Canuck Place Children's Hospice for my fundraising effort in the Innovative Fitness Adventure Challenge ( ). The donation will be in your name and you will receive a tax credit for your donation.

Any takers?
  • Location: North Delta
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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Posted: 2013-08-06, 6:53AM PDT

Updated: 2013-08-06, 6:55AM PDT

Friday, 12 July 2013

Canuck Place Adventure Challenge Cultus Lake High Five

Go HERE to donate for my fundraising for Canuck Place, Canucks for Kids, and 60 Minute Kids Club.
This is the one and only CP Adventure Challenge Cultus Lake High Five video...that I know of!


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wild Obsessions on Animal Planet: the eagle edition

So I wonder if there was a way to convince the top brass of Wild Obsession and the @animalplanetca that I would indeed be the best candidate to participate on a 5 day shoot about eagles.

I'm in the running!

Dear Malcolm,

I just wanted to let you know that you have made it to the final three for consideration for the eagle program. 

We are now sending the videos off to the big bosses so that they can weigh in.

I will let you know next week and I wish you all the best,


On 30-Apr-13, at 8:35 PM, Malcolm Chrystal wrote:

and with further reflection...if it was to tip the scales...June 7 would work!

On 30 April 2013 09:35, Malcolm Chrystal<> wrote:
Yes I am available (or at least my wife and family will endeavour to make it work).

I have one important date:  Friday June 7.On that day I am offering a free session of exercise/fitness to a group of children and their parents to promote my companyEXercise IS Therapy.  I am transitioning my way out of the classroom and into the parks and playgrounds providing exercise and fitness sessions for kids with autism and other special needs.

Obviously, an over the weekend shoot would be preferable, but I am willing to make any days work except for the June 7 date.

I hope that helps!!

On pins and needles,


On 30 April 2013 08:01, Terra Renton<> wrote:
HI Malcolm,

Sorry for the delay. We have yet to have our final meeting about this. Can you let me know however if you have any prior commitments between May 27th and June 15th? We will require about 5 days in a row but we are not sure what days as of yet. 

Thanks and I will be in touch soon, 


On 29-Apr-13, at 11:51 PM, Malcolm Chrystal wrote:
Hi Terra!
I am not sure if no news is good news...or if no news is bad news!
Please...put me out of my misery....or at least string me along for a little longer!

On 24 April 2013 13:26, Terra Renton<> wrote:
HI Malcolm,

Thanks for the additional info! Are you located in Vancouver? And do you follow the eagle cams?


 On 24-Apr-13, at 2:09 PM, Malcolm Chrystal wrote:

Ok...the final push on why me:
  • ·      i truly love eagles.  if i wasn't human....i would want to be an eagle
  • ·      i am more in love with the outdoors...which, by the way, is where eagles that is a good fit.
  • ·      my favourite character on the Muppets is Sam the Eagle.
  • ·      i love to learn...because God knows I don't know everything...
  • ·      i love to share...i'm a teacher...its what i do.
  • ·      i am good at listening and following instructions...most of the time
  • ·      i once heard as a kid that when finding a mate eagles soar high into the air and clasp talons during courtship rituals and do a free fall.  I have never researched whether that is true or not....because I want it to be true. 
  • ·      i once witnessed an eagle smash into an osprey (who had just successfully scooped up a lake trout), and retrieved it before it fell back into the lake.
  • ·      for many years i have watched resident eagles harass a pair of loons...hoping for a fluffy, baby,birdie snack...they were never successful

·      I would be honoured to have the opportunity to learn more about eagles and eagle habitat.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,


On 22 April 2013 14:33, Terra Renton<>wrote:
Love It! Now that's support!!

Thanks Malcolm.

On 22-Apr-13, at 2:47 PM, Malcolm Chrystal wrote:

I am convinced that I would be a super addition to your program!!!


On 22 April 2013 13:31, Malcolm Chrystal<> wrote:
I hijacked an elementary school assembly!
I am a TOC. So I get to visit many different schools. This is one of them.
You tube in in 10 min

Malcolm Chrystal
Exercise Is Therapy

On 2013-04-22, at 10:40 AM, Terra Renton <> wrote:
For sure. Feel free to send another video. Let us know why your passion for eagles and personality would make you the best candidate!

On 22-Apr-13, at 11:20 AM, Malcolm Chrystal wrote:

i mean tip the scales!

On 22 April 2013 10:03, Malcolm Chrystal<> wrote:
Is this where I send in a supportive video to rip the scales? I am heading into a school assembly where I could possibly create something....

Malcolm Chrystal
Exercise Is Therapy

On 2013-04-22, at 9:30 AM, Terra Renton <> wrote:
HI Malcolm,

I just wanted to let you know that we are waiting for a producer who is away to do a final review of the videos. I will let you know by the end of this week.



On 15-Apr-13, at 11:43 AM, Malcolm Chrystal wrote:

Hi Terra!

In a perfect world I would have spent the time making a fantastic production complete with titles and smooth editing. get a one minute of raw tape!

Here I am in my one minute request to be involved in your production.
I am not against begging. Just say the word and I will send another minute of pure, unadulterated begging.

Good luck in your search for the best (me) candidate.

My contact information is below.

I live in North Delta.

Let me know if the link does not take you to the video.

Kind Regards,


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Two days to go before my two days of travelling in the natural beauty of Deep Cove and Cultus Lake!
I am excited at the prospect of riding a borrowed bike from John Henry Bikes for both days!  Thanks to Willie Cromack for helping me get the ride organised!

I have ridden the BIKE for the last time in the Adventure Challenge!!!!!!

To those who have sponsored me this year--THANK YOU!  I have raised over $1000 again this year.
If you would like to set up a donation you can do so here:

I hope to be organised enough this year to bring my camera and get some pictures of the adventures!!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

2012 Adventure Challenge(s)

I have begun the process of getting ready to think about the prospect of perhaps starting to get ready to train -aka not dying on the trails- for the Canuck Place Adventure Challenges in mid September.

I am well behind in my fundraising and think that my email may be marked as a spam producer and believe that 90% of my emails to solicit funds will go unread.

I need a bike.  The BIKE is officially on its last legs and I do not think there is a hope in heaven that it can make its way through yet another race.

My body hurts.  Are the aches and pains of agedness really equivalent to what it feels like after playing in 2 rugby games in one day....or is there something wrong with my muscles and tendons?

Help and share!  Click-->HERE to sponsor me and help raise money for Canuck PLace.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Canuck Place Volunteers

This is Brad (and his Dad)
Brad's Dad is not sad.
Not sad brad's dad is glad.
glad brad's dad is glad...
...because brad.....
Brad Skeats receiving a 2012 Community Achievement Award from His Honour Steven L. Point, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and the Honourable Ida Chong, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development on April 25th

Longtime hospice volunteer recognized at 2012 BC Community Achievement Awards

VANCOUVER – Premier Christy Clark and Keith Mitchell, chair of the British Columbia Achievement Foundation, named this year’s recipients of the B.C. Community Achievement Awards on April 25 in Victoria, BC.  Canuck Place Children's Hospice was represented well by longtime volunteer Brad Skeats.
“I am pleased to recognize the outstanding contributions of this year’s Community Achievement Awards recipients,” said Premier Clark. “Charity begins at home, that’s what I’ve always believed and I want to thank these remarkable British Columbians for giving their time, dedication and energy to make a positive difference in their communities and our province.”
“The community achievement awards honour individuals who have made a significant contribution either as a volunteer or in the course of their work,” said Mitchell. “Today’s recipients contribute in many areas – health, education, multiculturalism, arts and culture, environment, philanthropy, and youth or seniors’ leadership, among others.”
Brad has been a Family and Bereavement Support Volunteer at Canuck Place for the past 12 (count 'em) years and also sits on the Volunteer Leadership Team. Giving back to the community runs in the Skeats family - Brad's father Rick is an active Garden Crew volunteer and helps to keep the hospice gardens in tip-top shape.
Brad says of the honour, "It was a special day for sure, something my family and I will remember for a long time. While waiting to be called to the stage I was reflecting upon some of the special moments from the past twelve years and couldn't help but feel quite emotional when remembering many of the children and families I've shared time with. I also couldn't help but think about how far I've come personally and as a volunteer over that time and how fortunate I am to have Canuck Place in my life and to have been able to represent the hospice at the BC Community Achievement Awards this year." 
Thank you, Brad, for all that you do - we are proud and privileged to have you in the Canuck Place family! 
Father & Son Volunteers - Brad & Rick

Father and son team up to help Canuck Place families

Rick Skeats and his son Brad not only share a close family bond, but the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Both provide the most fundamental act of philanthropy – they give of themselves, serving as volunteers.  Rick and Brad are two of more than 350 active Canuck Place Children’s Hospice volunteers, aged 16 to 81, from all walks of life and with varied talents, skills and abilities.

The father and son team help the children and families on our program in their own unique ways.

“I was first introduced to Canuck Place after suffering a spinal cord injury back in 1997,” says Brad Skeats.  “During my recovery a neighbour encouraged me to consider volunteering at the Hospice.  I found it to be such a positive and welcoming environment that I’ve been a family and bereavement support volunteer ever since.”

Canuck Place volunteers assist in bereavement/outreach, office reception, practical areas such as kitchen and housekeeping, transportation, gardening, outdoor maintenance, the school room and library, family/peer support and special events.

“Brad let me know when Canuck Place was recruiting for the garden crew,” remarked Rick Skeats.  “I taught him all about gardening when he was little so he thought I’d be a good fit.  I’m glad he did; volunteering with my son is incredibly rewarding.”

Volunteers enrich the Hospice in many important ways. They provide companionship and support to children and families that may be missing the support systems that help them at home.

“We rely on our dedicated volunteer force to ensure our programs and services continue to be offered free of charge to the families we care for,” says Leanne Freeman, Manager, Volunteer and Support Services.  “Volunteers provide a helping hand, a listening ear and a caring heart. They are indispensable members of our interdisciplinary team.”

Thanks to Rick, Brad and all of our volunteers, for your amazing contributions to Canuck Place!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Joan Ng

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Joan for almost 4 years.  She...and quite frankly ALL of the volunteers that I have worked with and met at Canuck Place are the epitome of fantastic humans....just sayin'....

Thank you, Joan for being there!...Remember...Elmo likes it when you shit....

Peace, love and Canuck Place cookies!

Joan Ng - Peer Volunteer

Today, we're chatting with Joan Ng, one of our dedicated Peer Volunteers. Peer Volunteers support the Family Volunteers and the professional care team by acting as a friend to children on our program and their siblings.  They play, do arts and crafts, play computer games, and generally interact with the child on a companion to companion basis.  Peer volunteers are trained and can be found around the hospice seven days a week between 9 am and 9 pm.
Read on for Joan's thoughts on Canuck Place...
How long have you been volunteering at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice?
Since August almost 5 years and over 650 hours!
What’s your favourite kind of Canuck Place cookie?
The kind with cranberries and huge chocolate chunks. Omnomnom!
Describe yourself in five words.
Responsible, musical, empathetic, quirky, caring
Share your favourite or most meaningful moment you’ve experienced as a hospice volunteer.
One night at the hospice, I was granted the almighty task of looking after a very irritated, very uncomfortable infant boy. The nurses were having a difficult time calming him down and needed someone to soothe him before nebulizer time, and so into my lap he went. As I held him, he kept on crying and squirming like a little caterpillar, but he seemed to calm down a bit as I chattered to him in Chinese. When the nebulizer came, again he started wailing and flailing as I held the mask to his chubby, red, distraught little face, and he even grabbed the back of my mask-holding hand to wipe his nose with. But nebulizer fizzed to completion, and soon it was time for bed. After a bit more crying on his part and complete exhaustion of my limited repertoire of Chinese nursery rhymes on my part, he quieted down and fell asleep eventually.

About half a year later, I went up to the kids counter after dinner and was met by a little boy who was toddling around all by himself. At first I wasn't sure if I met him, but then I saw those same furrowed eyebrows that I had seen before, only this time, they weren't sitting above tearful eyes, but curious ones! Although he might not have recognized me, this was one of my favourite moments because it made me so happy to see him again and to know that he is doing well. Despite having volunteered at Canuck Place for some time, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the children grow up.
Why volunteer? What brought you to Canuck Place?
When I first started at Canuck Place, I was in my last year of high school, and knew that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Having the privilege to spend time with the children, family members, staff, and other volunteers gave me an insight into the unique healthcare niche in BC that is Canuck Place Children's Hospice.  It has helped me to grow as an individual, and has continually confirmed for me that my mission in life is to help others in a healthcare setting. Whether I am having difficult days throughout the school year or having stressful days at work, I am constantly reminded of this life goal that I discovered at Canuck Place and that motivates me to complete my pharmacy degree. A classmate, a few years younger than I, once said to me, "But you're too old to volunteer!" And I said to her, "One can never be too old to volunteer." Volunteering has always been an enlightening experience for me. I will continue to be a part of the Canuck Place volunteer family in the hopes of perhaps making a difference in children's lives, as they have already done so for me.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I love someone with autism

Dale made a logo.  His whole family (and us) have a shirt (each of us...the whole family (and us) have our OWN shirt).

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I am in the middle of creating a website for a new venture in helping special needs kids to get active.  Not just active but exercising vigorously!

Take a visit and be happy to send some feedback!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Who does the Adventure Challenge?

Here's a video advertising for last years races:

Canuck Place Revision from Tyson Hepburn on Vimeo.

and another about the house....ENJOY!

About Canuck Place from Canuck Place Children's Hospice on Vimeo.

Friday, 10 February 2012


I have signed up for my annual adventure abuses to my body!

September 15 (North Vancouver) and September 16 (Cultus Lake) will bring the 8th and 9th Canuck Place Adventure Challenges.

I wonder if I will still be on the BIKE?

As always I appreciate the visits to my blog and this year I hope to do some digging and learning about some of the people who have been involved in the Challenge...both working and participating in the races over the years.
More so, I appreciate the money my friends and family have donated to the House on my behalf.

Below is the link to my donation for both North Van and Cultus Lake.  My goal is to raise a total of $2000 for this year.  I hope I am successful!

Sponsor me here

Thank you!

The Blog

My name is Malcolm and I was a volunteer at Canuck Place Children's Hospice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for nearly seven years. Now I support them by raising money by participating in the Canuck Place Adventure Challenges!

I said hospice. Not really a word that you associate with children but there you go. We will tell you about the house as this blog progresses with the hope that you will learn, and as you learn we hope that you will share. The purpose of the Adventure Challenge is to raise money for AND awareness about Canuck Place.

The name of each kid at the house you read about has been changed.

September 14th and 15th are the dates for the next Adventure Challenges.

You can sponsor me for the race here: Adventure Challenge
Maybe you should do the race?


Just a quick note about the names of the kids in the house that you will read about: they are made up!