Sunday, 20 July 2008

Garage Band on Friday

It has been a month since I had been to the house and I always feel like I am missing something, and I was: GARAGE BAND!
In the house tonight were Karina, Jeffrey (who seems to be there the most when I am there), a couple of little ones, Lucy and Ricardo. Ricardo is new to me. He is another boy with DMD (Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy) and we had some fun!

Tony was away tonight and Joan and I held the fort. Roberto the chef had to go home so the Nurses ordered out: Chinese food galore! After we stuffed ourselves silly Jeffrey got ready to go the Football game with his dad leaving Karina, Lucy, Ricardo, Joan and me to play Kick the Can.
I got Karina (who can't speak but sure laughs alot) and Joan got Lucy. Ricardo runs a powerful chair so he was on his own.
Believe it or not it can be quite challenging to find a boy and his chair in a big garden. When we (Karina and I ) did find him...we had to race to the tether pole. I kept losing....

A little later we made our way into the house to fetch the Garage Band game...holy crap is that fun. Joan and I had to sit back for a little bit while Ricardo did his drums solo. Boy did i want to play. Lucy hung out beside Joan who got to do Ricardo's bass drum for him. Karina and I just held hands while I tried to sing to guns n roses.
Finally we all got our turn when I masterfully sang to Radiohead's 'Creep', Joan struggled with guitar AND Ricardo's bass drum, and Ricardo kicked fanny on his part. Joan left early and Ricardo and I played for another hour. Karina just kept smiling and smiling.

I love playing at the house!

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