Saturday, 8 November 2008

Raffi and Me

I have a penchant for singing Raffi songs. My kids grew up on Raffi and I remember singing Raffi songs for a number of years. I think I sing in the key of Raffi. Raffi has a wonderful website:

As remarkable as it seems he has been doing this for over 40 years. His focus now is one of sustainablity and of honouring the child. He is still teaching fortysomethings to be good stewards of our earth and to each other, so that they can teach their children.

Last night all I did was sing. Sing and colour. Colour and sing. Raffi tapes were lined up in the art room, Jesse (a 6 year old girl whose baby brother is in the house), Chancy (who is also about 5 or 6) was beside me playing floppy head, Tony, Joan, and me were all doing what we do best: hanging out. No TV, no rockband, no computer....just me and Raffi (and everyone else).
I think we did this for about 2.5 hours. Tony had no idea I knew so many Raffi songs.

Go to Raffi's site. I was not at all surprised to see the direction he has taken with his work. He always sounded like a real nice guy when he sang for me and my kids. Turns out he is!

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Joan said...

hey malcolm! lol.
you knew every single raffi song that I was there for. and I actually knew some yayyy

u know u should read my rant on elmo's rudeness...inspired by our elmo poker night about a month and a half ago. =D

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