Sunday, 5 April 2009

They call me Santos...,

or Saul, or Jeffrey, or Dante. In fact we need to call him Santos Santorini de la Escabara.
Let me hearken to a previous post: "Santos broke it".

Saul, Dante, Jeffrey, and Mitch were in for a Boys Night Out weekend and we were discussing the blog and the names Joan and I create. Santos, formerly known as Steve (who broke it) made it known he wanted a new name....but I think I forgot the one he suggested....!

The boys were in for dinner and then out the door to go to a movie--Fasterer and More Furiouser--or something like that with Santos, formerly known as Steve. It was nice to visit with Jeffrey after dinner. I haven't seen him for a while.
After the boys left Joan and I remained with the little ones--Little Normie, Liander, and a later intake Enid.

When I got to the house little Normie was walking to dinner...yes...walking (he is usually in a chair) and he walked right into my arms for a big hug. Mum is always behind him lugging his O2 AND tube feeder tanks. Normie is a demanding little boy...not in a bad way...just a demanding way. He doesn't like to be away from his Mum and really gets upset when he can't have her right near by. Mum had a bit of a day off today and spent the day at a temple for prayers (and super good food).
Joan and I spent most of our night with Normie. First, as always, we did a little rock band without the drums (because Santos Broke them). Normie did a little guitar, then a litttle singing, then he got Joan and I to perform for him!
Baby Liander's Dad was down a few times playing Guitar Hero. Liander's mum and dad are in for a first intake and are learning a lot about their littlest boy (they also have a 2 year old) and what they need to do to look after him.
Normie had to be weighed at some point during the night and his nurse wheels in this skookum electronic scale. It had a platform big enough to take a wheel chair! In this corner Little Stormin' Norman weighs in at 11.3kg, and in the other corner...the big guy came in a 93kg. We all were weighed (Mum and Joan) but privacy issues forbid me from telling everything.

After weigh in we played a little ball, had all our meds taken care of and then it was time for bed.
Another good night!

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