Friday, 26 June 2009

I'm here!

Hey everyone, it's Joan. I'm back! Surprised?
I've finished summer school, passed my road test, done my pharmacy I'm just waiting...and beginning to enjoy summer! Hooray!

Tonight's shift was pretty cool - me, Steve, and Joanna, who is a new peer volunteer! (Martin came in for dinner, but went home soon after because there weren't many kids in the house that needed 4 volunteers!)

After dinner, Steve, Joanna, and I brought Eliza, Nina, Stan, and baby Maria (Lucas and Gloria's baby sister!) outside to take a stroll around the house. Then we just hung out by the swings in the warm sunshine. Maria quite stole the whole show there - she is the cutest baby ever, and what's cool about her is : she has 6 fingers on each hand, and 6 toes on her left foot! And she has so much baby fat her arms look like they have 3 sections. She seemed to enjoy all the attention and was thoroughly content in her stroller and white hat.
When we didn't do something for a long period of time, Nina would start making crying noises; that indicated to us to go around the hospice again.
Finally we went inside!
Steve took Stan, and little Normie (who just finished dinner) downstairs for Rockband.
Joanna and I stayed with the girls on the 2nd floor and watch Cinderella! Eliza loves princess movies, and she was engrossed in the film completely.
Then Normie came upstairs to get his meds while sitting on my lap. He is the cutest thing ever! He pretends to be shy with a new nurse, but really he's so quirky and has such an energetic and fun personality - no wonder her mum is always so tired out by him!
Then little Katy (who is baby Shanna's sister) came back from what she called "Jang-jang", which I still do not understand, and watched some TV with us.
I think the highlight of the night was...when Normie bid us good night, and he went over to Katy and gave her a hug and kissed her shoulder, then her forehead. It was the cutest thing everrrrr! Joanna and I were like " awwwwww" SO CUTE. Malcolm too bad you missed it!!!!
After Normie went to bed, we finished Cinderella, and even watched a bit of Beauty and the Beast before we had to go.
Overall, it was a very relaxing and calm night. =)

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