Saturday, 25 July 2009

Return of the K-Dog and the Adventure Cam

What a blast last night (Friday)!
In the House we had K-Don, K-Dog, K-Rod, K-Dahl, K-Dahl's big sister K-Sian, and K-Lux. K-Santos, K-Joan, and K-Mal, and new peer volunteer K-Hol (who remembers me from subbing at West Van High!)

K-dog...aka keith...aka c'mon daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvvvvve. i love this guy. he gets everything. he is one of those guys when you say something to the room...he is the one who gets the humour attached to it. I am a wee bit upset that he is on his way out of the house. The bugger is getting too old.
With respect to being too old...a great guy...and a dirty minded SOB is on his way out of the house is going to be missed. Robert has been part of the house for a long time. When I first met him I nearly kicked him in the face with my feet while one of us was on the was caught on video!
I know this is not the last I will see of him. We can visit by proxy with his little, albeit tougher and sassier, sister.

We had fun tonight. Highlight? Adventure Cam II!

It is a 5 minute video. I thought it was funny! Make sure the volume is up. The K-Don is funny.

K-Dog is going to be tired this week...he did not stop laughing all night...pure, unadulterated, deep and meaningful belly laughs. He laughed so much he was sweating. I was sending zingers his way all night...but he mostly laughed when I wasn't saying anything at all!


Joan said...

woohoo! that is the awesomest video EVER

Black Jack's Carol said...

Malcolm, what an excellent video! I almost felt like I was there. K-Dog really did want you to crash, didn't he? I'm kind of sorry he was disappointed:))

P.S. Great seeing you today.

willson said...
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