Saturday, 17 April 2010

Brothers J--another set -- go squirrel Hunting

Today when I appeared on the Kids floor I sat down on the couch. M-girl was being held by a volunteer. It was about 10 minutes to five and I could sense I was in the perfect position to take over. To hell with dinner! I quickly got to move in and had my chance to cuddle Baby M. Hockey was on, I was in a comfy chair, things were perfect. For the next 45 minutes or so I just hung doing the cuddle thing along with the B-man and K-man (who came up from the main floor)! After a while the crew came up--Janelle with the Brothers J crew2. Oldest brother has been called Jeffrey in previous posts.

The M-girl was nice and happy so the nurse put her in her bed. The boys and I went downstairs so I could catch up in the food department and we discussed the night strategy: squirrel hunting was in the plans.
I had no idea! In the end we went outside, leaving K and B - Men on the Kids Floor and went to catch us a squirrel.

The boys were hi - larious. We found a bucket, some string from jeffrey's bag, some bird seed, and whole lot of patience. The plan was for the unsuspecting squirrel to get the seeds placed under the propped up bucket, and pull the string and catch the squirrel. Simple. So we hung by the bird feeder and waited. Squirrels in the trees staying a minimum of 30m away. Lots of chickadees around, a few song sparrows, and one junko. So me being the bird loving fool that I am start whistling to the birds: MAGIC! The chickadee call "cheese burger" is (i believe) a territorial call. After a few minutes of cheesburgering I had the whole group of local chickadees cheeseburgering back!

We never caught a squirrel so we went inside for bathroom breaks. We collected the B and K Men and went upstairs. Even found a plan to catch a squirrel.

We eventually came across some pinecones and string and decided to to make bird traps (aka bird feeders). string...peanut butter...sunflower seeds. Done. Hung them out on a tree and a birdfeeder. It was dark and the birds were in bed. I bet the squirrels destroy them in the night!

It was a cool night. I like to hunt squirrels.

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