Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Can I get a little Hannah Montana Here?

Friday was awesome. Again. Jenelle, Joan and I were on and the house seemed really full of kids, family, and a bunch of visiting nurses!
Doug and his sister Nina were in, Kyle, Sylvia, Leith (and his 2 brothers, mum, dad, and about 6 nurses visiting!).

Pizza for dinner. Good. BBQ chicken pizza? Awesome!!

I sat by Sylvia who I have known since I started at Canuck Place (~6 years). She like s to sing. She has always been a little grumpy to me but we usually warm to each other as the evenings progress! Kyle was having fun getting the food to the floor and Leith and his family took up the other table.

As always we try and figure out what we will do that evening while we are eating dinner. It was going to be all about Sylvia tonight! After dinner, clean up, meds, and whatever else needed to happen we found our way down to the music room. Sylvia armed with a little toy mic and her song book. The volunteers, Doug, Sylvia, and Kyle.

Doug is 14. His sister Nina has been at the house since I have been (or before). Doug wants to be a volunteer and talks about becoming a Peer Volunteer when he turns 16. He is patient. He really understands what happens at the house since he is there with his sister often.
He loves his sister Nina.
He will make a great Peer.

In the music room Sylvia handed me about 20 percussion instruments...one by one...piling them on my lap. She went and sat down and we all just made a bunch of noise. After a bit Sylvia sat absolutely still and and started to give everybody a bit of stink eye. We all quieted down. Then, ever so quietly, she started to sing. I could hardly hear her! She stayed quiet through the whole song. After the song I asked Jenelle to run up and get my i-pod Nano. I wanted to catch he singing! Here is the first one I got:

She is priceless!

Here is #2: I know...they are long...but it was sure fun to watch her sing. In the first at 3:20 the phone rings and she answers it without missing a beat.

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