Friday, 24 June 2011

I WAS IN THE VANCOUVER RIOT: a confession and apology

It appears that confessions and apologies are the new buzz words for the Vancouver Riot participants.  So here are my repentant statements.

I confess:  I was there.  I should have left because by standing in the middle of the crowds my wife and I were just adding to the problem, but we were held by a morbid fascination of what was happening.  As we were there we were also compelled to help.
My wife help some injured women and I removed crap that was being thrown around the streets and at the windows of the Bay.  Here is my account of what happened on Chris Wejr's blog

My apology:
I am sorry that I could not have done more.
I am sorry that my actions weren't enough to convince more people like Victor to defend our city from the loogans that were intent on smashing it.

My being there was not a mistake.  I was not emboldened to do these things because of intoxication.  I made choices to do things and I will stand by those choices, even if I got in the way and prevented  people from making there own choices to be a participant in the riot.

An apology does not make a damn bit of difference to the acts undertaken.
So please refrain from apologising for your ill thought choices.

Why am I making a statement like this on a page for the Canuck Place Adventure Challenge?
If you google Vancouver riot apology canuck place it might bring you here!

I will be kayaking, riding, and running in TWO races on Saturday and Sunday in late September.  I am required to raise $1000 for each race.  If you would like to donate I would be most grateful!
If you would like to join me...we can create Team Riot!
Thank you!

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