Tuesday, 16 September 2008

death is hard to understand

I have been at Canuck Place for about 4 years. Many of the house's kids have died in that time. Some I have known a little and some I have never met, but no matter who it is, they are somebody's baby girl, big brother, little sister, or grandchild. As a volunteer we are informed of when a child at the house dies. Recently there were two little boys who passed away with whom I was able to share a night holding, cuddling, and singing songs that I can't remember the lyrics to. When I read of their deaths there is just that little bit more familiarity, a clearer face to put a name to, and a little more sadness. It pales in comparison to what a family member feels.

On Sunday, my wife lost her little bother. Very suddenly and very unexpectantly. He is also an uncle, a son, a husband.

I have never experienced the death of anyone close to me. What I am feeling I am not able to express well. As I watch my family deal with the death of Chad it is clear to me I have no comprehension of what they are feeling.
I can see what they have lost: I have shaken his hand, hugged him, laughed at his corny humour, and danced his silly clotheswasher dance, but I don't know what it is like to lose someone who has alwasy been a part of your life, or you theirs.

When we hear of a death at the house it is from Leanne. She always signs off by saying "take care of yourselves, and each other"
Do that. Always.

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MJ said...

Beautifully sad post. If you know what I mean....

Sorry to read this Malcolm. Best wishes to everyone.

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