Saturday, 27 September 2008

Finally..a night at the house has been a long time...I think. I was all by my lonesome as far as volunteers go (Tony sprained his ankle and Jen is naming limpets after Tony and I in Bamfield), but certainly not alone in the house. In the house tonight were a handful of kids...Grenadine (I know...bad name...) and her mum, sister and brother from the island, Stephen's , mum and dad, brother and sister (Brady and Insia), Jerrold and Eliza.
Dinner was awesome. Meat. I love meat.
AFter dinner I went with Stephen's brother to the Sun room. Rock band was calling our name. With Isaac and Ophelia in tow Brady and I kicked Rock Band proverbial butt for three songs. Brady kept choosing the most difficult songs. I really do sing better when I know the words.
I had promised Ophelia and Isaac that I would read them a story so I went to find them. They were upstairs with mum.
Ophelia was painting in the art room. I helped set Isaac up for a paint. Elsa was with us as well. Isaac found a broom after he painted and it looked suspiciously close to a NIMBUS 2000 so I taught him how to fly on a broom.
After our time in the art room we went next door to the Schoolroom. I was bound and determined to read tonight...and we did. I haven't read a John Burmingham book for so long and we read Would You Rather... and a bunch of others. I miss reading to kids. I am so glad I got to tonight. Isaac's mum came to take him for a bath and I kept reading to his sister and Insia then it was
Ophelia's turn for a bath. Insia's mum came and took her away for bed. I mosied down to the kids floor and found Eliza watching The Aristocats. I hung out with her for a while. Jerrold joined us ...he must have woken up from a nap. It was time for some of his meds so I helped the nurse. I helped keep Jerrold kind of upright while he was being "steamed" a cortizone steroid to help his lungs. ELiza got quite anxious when The Aristocrats ended. One of the nurses put the next movie. I think Eliza has watched thousands of movies!
My night ended and I quietly said goodbye to those who were still awake and around.

There are times when you feel that life is tough and you feel crappy. I am so lucky to share part of my time here. It makes me feel better. I hope that a little bit of what I feel rubs off on those I am with.

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