Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Friday March 6, 2009

Greetings, readers of this blog!

Last Friday was pretty exciting, but it would have been way better if Malcolm were there! Hope you feel better soon!
Anyways, so I walked into Canuck Place and I see some of the volunteers from the previous shift helping out with dinner in the vestibule, and I spy some little kids: one with short, blonde hair, and another with longer brownish hair, a bit taller. Before I had a chance to recognize them, I am greeted by "Bomb-it Girl!! You're here!!" Low and behold, here are little Lucas and sister Gloria! So apparently after I introduced him to bomb-it, a super cool game, he's never stopped talking about it or playing it. Even his parents know I'm the "Bomb-it Girl"! I thought that was pretty cool, and I was really touched that I had made an impression on the little boy. XD
So anyways, we had take-out pizza for dinner that night because the kitchen was under some construction and cooks could not perform their magic. Regardless, pizza was good, and through out my whole meal, Lucas kept coming over and pestering me to finish eating fast so we could play Bomb-it. Then Gloria kept stealing my name tag to make funny noises with the magnet.
I forgot to mention, in my awesome rant about Lucas and Gloria that Jeffrey was also here today! He was really let down when he found out that neither Malcolm nor Tony would be there that night. I would have to do.
A new kid, Kenneth was also there on Friday. Maybe not new kid, but it was the first time I'd seen him. He was very friendly and very talkative.
Steve came in later on, and the first thing Lucas yelled out when Steve was in sight was "He's the guy who broke the drums!" Then Lucas kept on chanting and chanting until he got distracted by Jen, the receptionist that night, who was feeding the fat fish.
So the rest of the night, I played some Risk with Jeffrey, with Gloria tagging along a bit. Lucas kept playing some funny penguin game on the computer.
Then Jeffrey and I played some Texas Hold'em! I kept on winning because Jeffrey kept bluffing for no reason. Afterwards, Jeffrey showed me this cool card game that he designed called "the Stanley Cup" which is basically what the name says. We shuffled the cards, then dealt out two sets of 5 cards facing each other. Then we flipped opposite card pairs; whichever side had the higher card won that game. We flipped all the other cards and the side winning at least 3 games won the set and moved on to take on the next team! It was pretty cool.
After I wrestled with Lucas a bit and picked him up, I brought him and Gloria back to their room where Mum and Dad were waiting.
Then, Jeffrey, Steve and I tried to make some sense out of an origami book...but had no success.
So anyways, that is it! Stay tuned for this week's shift post...

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