Monday, 15 March 2010

Messages from the house

On occasion we (volunteers) receive an email notice about our kids passing. More often than not the notice contains the words "in his parents arms", or "surrounded by family". I am always saddened by these emails. Most often they are about the kids that I don't know and the news will always makes me sad. I am not sure how I will react when it is someone I have come to know better than others.

For the first time in 5 years I replied to the email from our volunteer coordinator. I just replied without much thought. In it I expressed how proud I am to be a part of Canuck Place

In fact I am proud of every doctor, nurse, volunteer, parent, sibling, and Canuck Place Kid I have been fortunate enough to meet there. Even Santos.

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Kere MacGregor said...

my daughter worked in a hospital in Kijabe, Kenya and often spoke of dealing with death and dying, particularly children. What an incredible place and worthy of support.

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My name is Malcolm and I was a volunteer at Canuck Place Children's Hospice in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for nearly seven years. Now I support them by raising money by participating in the Canuck Place Adventure Challenges!

I said hospice. Not really a word that you associate with children but there you go. We will tell you about the house as this blog progresses with the hope that you will learn, and as you learn we hope that you will share. The purpose of the Adventure Challenge is to raise money for AND awareness about Canuck Place.

The name of each kid at the house you read about has been changed.

September 14th and 15th are the dates for the next Adventure Challenges.

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Just a quick note about the names of the kids in the house that you will read about: they are made up!