Friday, 4 June 2010

A Marshmallow Crazy Night's Joan! Long time no blog. Well, here I am - to post about tonight's Canuck Place night!

On the shift were Amanda, Marjan (new family volunteer), Kal (subbing for Tony), and I. All girls! We were pretty excited about it being an all-girls night during dinner because it seemed like all the kids who needed hanging out were girls too: Leanna, Leigh, and Monica (who is Gordon's sister). Leanna was a super fast eater, Leigh was looking forward to watching a movie, and Monica was excited about shopping for her elementary school graduation dress tomorrow with Mom!

Suddenly, a little boy named Stevy came sprinting into the kitchen and declared air hockey war (hence the almost all girls night). At first, chef Roberto played with him but he had work to do in the kitchen so Amanda accepted the challenge...and lost. I think. Stevy is a very good air hockey player.

After dinner, Leanna and Leigh were put in bed because they had a long day at Science World. Marjan, the techno guru, succeeded in wrestling with the DVD player and got a movie playing for them.

Kal, Amanda, and I went outside with Monica and Stevy to play Apples-to-Apples, and we brought with us lots of fruit, tea, and cookies. Stevy accidentally ate 5 cookies and therefore had tons of energy...that we needed to expend. He then decided that he didn't want to play the game, and ended up zooming around in the hand-bike, bicycle (with helmet, at my insistence), scooter, and merry-go-round. While Kal, Amanda, and I kept an eye on Stevy, we played Apples-to-Apples with Monica until it got rainy and Stevy wanted to go inside.
(If you don't know what Apples-to-Apples is...check it out at Wikipedia!)

We went in and struck a deal with Stevy: we would go to the Volcano room to have a "Marshmallow Fight" for a short time, and then finish our game. After a little discussion and a lot of help from Mom, it was settled. The marshmallow fight was a little too intense...I actually feared for my glasses. But clearly, it drained Stevy (finally!) and he was quite tired out.

We returned upstairs to play more Apples-to-Apples while I set Stevy up with some Rockband (it works now, Malcolm!) Very soon, Stevy's Mom took up him upstairs for bed, while Marjan came downstairs and joined us in our game. We played the amazing Apples-to-Apples until it was time to go.

It was a night of multitudes. Never a surprise at Canuck Place!


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