Saturday, 12 June 2010

Simple makes happy

Dinner: Simple; all protein. Happy. Fish, chicken, pork. There was an odd vegetable thrown in but it was a meatstravaganza.

The Brothers Dave were in the house. Shoot back to here:
and the magic of the brothers Dave comes to light!

Dave Senior to my left and Junior to my right. Junior decides he was full...turns out he was just a little unhappy with the dryness of the salmon. Sharpeyed nurse knows he is more like a garbage disposal unit when it comes to food and figures it out. On to the carrots! Seemed like we hung out at the dinner table for a long time. Eating and hanging. Santos was in, Joan was in, and peer volunteer Amanda was also in.
The other set of brothers were also in:
and were in fact still intent on catching wildlife. This week they thought that birds were a good idea. . Junior J2 had made a bird catching apparatus and was intent on using it.
This makes two sets of Brothers these guys are Brothers J2.

Senior J2 FINALLY got some glasses. Something I have been trying to get him into for over a year. I am well chuffed that he has them; more so that he says they make such a big difference.

It was such a nice night that we decided to road trip. A rolling caravan of chairs out through the rough and tumble streets of Shaughnessy. Always a sight!

These kids here all know what is going on. Junior J2 made the observation to me that he is having a much tougher time walking. He and his older brother both have Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy.
JJ2 gets out of his chair to get into the bathroom by himself. He is 12. I asked him if he knew when Senior lost the ability to walk. He answered "when he was I am doing way better".

Duchenne's is a progressive muscular disease that slowly works its way up from the lower extremities. Eventually it can make it difficult to breathe.

JJ2 knows that his condition will progress. That sucks. These guys take it as life. I'm not sure if they take it well, or if they live in a private morbid fear of dying well before anyone should, or have an insane jealousy of kids who don't need to belong to Canuck Place, but I do know that when they come to the house they are plain and simple kids.

Simple makes happy.


Joan said...

Wow I didn't know Senior J2 finally got's been so long! I think I talked to him first about it...a year and a half ago. So glad he FINALLY got them and can now see. =)

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