Friday, 15 July 2011

Save money: park your car and ride a bike

So I did that.  Left my car in Vancouver and after meeting my wife after her work we went home.  Of course we checked that car would be in a spot that it wouldn't get towed the next day.  Trouble is we didn't go back to town the next day....nor did I think once about where we parked the car.  Apparently the car DID have to be moved by 3pm on Monday.

Somebody moved it for us and charged me $150.

I was convinced that we had parked it somewhere just a little better and my tired legs protested as I turned the bike around to ride another 5km to the compound.

The theory was good.  Poor execution of the theory cost money.

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I said hospice. Not really a word that you associate with children but there you go. We will tell you about the house as this blog progresses with the hope that you will learn, and as you learn we hope that you will share. The purpose of the Adventure Challenge is to raise money for AND awareness about Canuck Place.

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